"From the initial meeting to the final product, the only thing that impressed me more than the actual work (which is amazing) was watching DXMC's unique process unfold and yield valuable insight after insight. The final output blew away my highest expectation."

— Matt Lowery, Micron LLC

"DXMC turned my will and fragmented ideas into something powerful, tangible, and functional."

— Mattew Marx, Forgotten Industries

"Before engaging with DXMC, it became clear that we had lost perspective on the value we brought to the market and our customers. DXMC helped remind us what it meant to be US and, in the process, crafted a sales narrative that fit us better than we could've imagined. We are thrilled with our new content, the response we've received from partners, and the newfound clarity we have around our product."

— Peter Kassel, HealthySole

When you came up with my logo I was like... OH, SHIT!!"

— Alexandra Hampton, Alexandra Hampton Music

"Flash Crash is a true phenomenon of community organizing, narrative world-building, and creative outpouring — all held together by Tyler's passion and wide-ranging design/tech skills."

— Brian Crabtree, monome

"DXMC cast web solutions more valuable than a Foil Crimped Alpha Black Lotus."

— @nonbasicland, Lords of the Pit